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Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post is a place for celebrating Indigenous culture, heritage, and teachings.

Born out of a passion for sharing cultural practices and anchored in the history of the historic Beaver Lake Trading Post, Peeyasis Band, and Wawasikew Sahkikan (Lac La Biche, Alberta), the Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post offers visitors a variety of traditional items for purchase, barter, consignment, and trading.

At the Trading Post we believe that everyone has a gift to share with the world, this is a place to share those gifts and to learn from the warm hearts and open minds of others.

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Lisa Marie Bourque is a proud Métis person with deep ancestral ties to Wawasikew Sahkikan (Lac La Biche, Alberta) and Peeyasis Band.

Honouring the Beaver Lake Trading Post, a place with which she has deep ancestral ties, Lisa opened the Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post to share Indigenous history and culture with the community. Lisa offers traditional teachings and ceremonies, sharing her passion for traditional plant medicines, such as sage, sweetgrass, diamond willow, and tobacco with all who are open to growth and learning.

When Lisa undertook opening the Trading Post, she did so with a larger mission than simply starting a business. Lisa was on a mission to support artisans of all walks in life. She believes that having an open-door policy is part of meaningful truth and reconciliation in Canada. Lisa believes that we are one human race, and all deserve to be treated so.

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TheFort McMurray Métis Trading Post located at Saprea Creek Trail and Range Road 83.
Appointments are required, please call Lisa at 780.788.0441 to book your time today.