At Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post visitors are invited to learn about the many medicinal and ritualistic uses for locally harvested plants. Sweetgrass, Sage, Red Willow bark, and Diamond Willow are locally sourced plants that offer medicinal and spiritual benefits established through traditional practices. 

Trading Post owner Lisa Bourque offers regular teachings and ceremonies using these locally harvested plants which were traditionally used to cleanse the air and soul of an individual. Lisa’s traditional ceremonies offer a combination of sacred herbs and a prayer. This traditional practice is a daily ritual for many, and Lisa looks forward to sharing her experience with all visitors. 

Lisa believes that through the sharing of these practices, we open the door to new people and new learnings that benefit us all. These practices and ceremonies are open to all who come with a warm heart and an open mind.

Some of the most notable locally harvested plants and medicines include:
  • Muskrat Root: Muskrat root helps to relieve congestion and colds. This root will also help to warm up the body during a fever. 

  • Blueberry Leaves: Blueberry Leaves are perfect for making a tea. Add 1 tablespoon of dried blueberry leaves into a cup of boiling water. Let the leaves steep in the water for 10mins before straining. 

  • Labrador Tea: Includes vitamins A, B & C.

  • Red Willow: Red Willow helps to strengthen your immune system. The Red Willow can also be skinned and used to help children with sores in their mouths. 

  • Birch Bark: Birch Bark will help to improve kidney and liver functions.
Muskrat RootImage