Our Monthly Full Moon Ceremony


Each month Lisa Marie Bourque, owner of the Fort McMurray Trading Post, hosts a Full Moon Ceremony. The ceremony is held in honour of grandmother moon, the influencer of all female life. At this ceremony attendees honour the infinite contribution of grandmother moon on their lives through the singing of sacred songs and sharing of a sacred smudge.  

The monthly Full Moon Ceremony is open to all women as an opportunity for community building and healing. There is no price of admission for the monthly event, instead Lisa asks that all attendees bring a gift from the heart. Traditional gifts such as tobacco are a demonstration of respect and openness. It’s time to put your moon water, crystals, and stones on your windowsills, with intentions, to be blessed and energized by our grandmother full moon. You can celebrate 4 days before and after the full moon.

Indigenous tradition says that the moon cycle is a gift to women, it is a time to cleans oneself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The full moon ceremony is an opportunity for females to become closer with the creator and to inherit wisdom, increasing balance during this time. Additionally, grandmother moon is believed to watch over the waters of earth. She controls the changing tides and the water within each of us, as human beings. The power of Grandmother Moon is exceptional, and this ceremony is intended to honour her. 

At the full moon ceremony attendees will often enjoy Ayoskana Tea. Ayoskana is the Cree word for raspberry, Known as ‘women’s tea’. It can bring balance with hormones, relieves pain during menstruation, and strengthens the uterus to help with labour, and delivery, relieves inflammation of mouth and throat, and reduces water retention. 

Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post is a place to share cultural experiences and to learn from others. The Full Moon Ceremony is a shining example of the larger purpose of the Trading Post. Through traditional practices and ceremonies such as this, Lisa hopes to help build understanding and to share her own story of identity and growth. 

The Full Moon Ceremony is of particular significance to Lisa. As a child she was not encouraged to seek out a deeper understanding of her heritage, nor did she have access to a place like the Trading Post, or ceremonies such as this. This Ceremony creates community – something she lacked as a little girl. Today, Lisa strives to make learning about one’s personal identity, and the identity of others as accessible as possible for all who come with a warm heart and an open mind. 

To learn more about the next Full Moon Ceremony or book your appointment at the Trading Post please call Lisa at 780.788.0441.