Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post offers a variety of cultural apparel, Indigenous artwork, and plant-based traditional medicines.

Visitors to the trading post can purchase goods but are also welcomed to make trades for their own products. The Trading Post is a place for sharing culture through the exchange of traditional practices and experiences. 

Selection of products available may vary based on the season and availability. But, generally, products available at the Fort McMurray Métis Trading Post include: 

  • Locally harvested teas 
  • Locally harvested plant medicines, including sage, sweetgrass, and Diamond Willow
  • Beaded Artwork 
  • Ribbon Skirts 
  • Cultural Apparel 
  • Blankets 
  • Modern clothing with traditional Cree scenes

We are open to your suggestions and introductions. If you know of a product that would be a perfect fit for the retail experience we have created, please contact Lisa directly at 780.788.0441 and make the introduction.